Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year's Eve Shindig

Work - there's nothing more anti-climatic than this after all the buzz from Chrissie and New Year.

I think we all still need a couple more days to recover from the shock from realising that we are back into the daily grind for the next 11 1/2 months and then we do it all over again ... depressing but true.

Apart from doing a bit of ruminating on the past year, we trudged our arses down to Circular Quay on NYE to catch the 3 million dollar pyrotechnics on display at the harbour.

The Boy and I took the train down to the city and met up with The Boy's Brother, his Sweetie Pie & her Sis (and I shall refer to them as The Crew for lack of a better moniker) down at the wharf.

Next year, Circular Quay will be a no-no. The crowd was massive and not short of drunkards pushing their way through the already heaving wharf. There was barely any space to walk let alone breathe. The Crew had already been standing there for at least 4 hours by the time we got there ... egads!

the happy but tired couple

sharing some sister love

how long do we have to wait again?!

welcoming the new year with a kiss

The fireworks were a bit of a disappointment for us only because 3/4 of the time they were going off at The Rocks and The Opera House. We had full view of the Harbour Bridge but I reckon it was way too much work getting down there for 5 mins of fireworks on the bridge itself.

The trek back was a lot more bearable and we had some Bollywood Bhangra erupt nearby with lots of very EXCITED indians ushering the new year well ... Bollywood style.

Anyway, The Boy wasn't really a happy chappy that night having worked double shifts and was cranky as hell about the crowds and stressing over having to "get out of there" as quickly as possible ... lovely. At least he put on a happier face in his pictures but then promptly declared 2007 a write-off.

the not so happy chappy

Ok I'm exaggerating but you get the point. Anyway, The New Year Grouch got his beer and a ride home and plonked his sorry arse in bed and was knocked out until midday. A bit of alcohol and sleep and suddenly the bright and chirpy boy was back again.

Till next new year's eve!

Monday, January 01, 2007

The 2007 Saga Begins

Happy New Year everyone! May the coming year bring plenty of joy and good fortune.

Reflecting upon last year, there were some memorable highs and lows.

Some of the highs are flying back home for my brother's marriage and of course the impending birth of my nephew got me into some crazed shopping spree for baby clothes and accessories!

And then The Boy and I are 4 years into our blissful life together and aiming for the next 50 or until I find a younger, perkier toy boy .... just kidding, hunny!

Work has helped padded up my résumé and given me some confidence to take on some of the challenges thrown at me on a daily basis. I've come to realise that people believe in me more than I believe in myself.

One of the biggest lows of 2006 has got to be losing my grandfather so soon after my brother's marriage. Today would have been his 84th birthday. I will miss him always.

I could say my spirit took a turn for the worst after the whirlwind trip home and I became a little unreasonable and moody. I think I left that sunny disposition back in Malaysia.

Undoubtedly, every new year also means making resolutions and turning into a new leaf. As much as I KNOW by June every year, the resolutions I've made were either long forgotten or too far-fetched for THIS year I still make them every single new year.

My 2007 Resolutions:

1. Be Nice! - seeing that I've turned into quite a grouch lately, I'm resolving to be a delicate oriental flower (with 1 or 2 thorns ... for when I need some TLC) for most of the year and try not to be such a meanie to The Boy.

2. Be a Literary Snob - ok, what I should have really written is, try NOT to be a literary SLOB that I am today but I'm aiming high ok. I've been such a freaking lazy lump the past year that I've bought all these books really meaning to read them but they're lost under my giant pile of trashy magazines (more on this later). Maybe not so snobbish ... I still like the occasional chick lit.

3. Buy Less Trashy Mags - see this for reference

4. Be Brave - try not to be a complete stuttering nervous wreck everytime I'm given something new to do at work.

5. Be a Gym Junkie - losing weight is a perennial favourite when it comes to resolutions ... so I HAVE to have it on my list. But really, I had this last year and I think I gained 2kgs instead of losing the 5 that I said I would ... oh god I need to work on this.

6. Save $$$ - also another perennial favourite but at least this one is sort of underway since I've been making my own brekkie and lunch at work and trying to cook at home as much as possible.

7. Be a Domestic Goddess - in the kitchen I mean. I have an obligation to The Boy's tummy as well as Resolution #6.

8. Be The Best Goddamn Aunty In The World - my nephew, the first child of our next generation deserves the best and hello ... I AM the best muahahaha

9. Be A Style Guru - I don't know how I'm going to do this seeing that Resolution #6 takes precedence but I'm going to do it. I will be better dressed than Rachel Zoe by the end of the year ... well at least I hope I will be.

10. Enjoy Life - Last but not least, enjoying the year will be something I look forward to doing. Sydney is such a picturesque city and I'm never making the most out of it. This year will be the year to stop and smell the roses and take in the city.

Bring it on.