Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I Don't Like Mondeys

Stupid people drive me nuts. The world is never short of stupid heads.

I can tolerate a whole lotta of crap but stupid heads love to test my limits.

How much do I have to dumb things down?

I've said the same thing in a million different ways and doodled stick men and you still don't get it!

And you tell me my approach is wrong.

And and AND you have the cheek to double check everything I say when YOUR knowledge of everything is questionable!

Someone please find a cure for the stupids!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Candy Floss

My head feels like it's been stuffed with cotton balls.

Neurons struggling to weave their way through white fluff masquerading as grey matter.

Reality lost in translation. Lucidity eludes. Maddening hysteria envelopes.

Hello ... is anyone home?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Serving Of Life

When did we all change? No time to laugh no time to stop and smell the roses.

Suddenly, life IS work. And when did work become so depressing? I guess there's a reason why it's called work.

What about family? friends? art? culture? fresh air and sunshine? summer fruits and winter warmers?


Balance is everything ...

Friday, September 28, 2007

5 Means I Love You

You're not just anyone. You're The One ...

Happy Anniversary, darl!

P/S: Where's the pedicure you promised me?

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Ugly Betty Syndrome

Starting a new job is pretty daunting.

Sort of like starting in a new school ... in the middle of a school term ... as a teenager ... and as if that is not a screamorama in itself - in geeky glasses, braces and full blown acne.

"Boys and girls, please welcome your new friend, TheDreamer." ...... *ducks flying toilet roll*

But instead of blockhead jocks and airhead bimbos I have power suit donning, stiletto heeled office bitches to deal with.

Repeat after me ... I am an attractive, intelligent, confident businesswoman!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

What Did I Come In Here For?

At what point do you go "This isn't right. This has got to stop."?

At what point do you stop denying there is a problem and bury it behind a joke like you always do?

First a memory of a classmate you've never really gotten to know and then you dismiss it and tell yourself - "Wasn't a big part of my life. No big deal".

And then whole chunks start to disappear and you start making stuff up to fill the void.

I have a memory problem. Lately not just the forget-your-keys kind. The what-did-I-say-a-moment-ago? kind. The memory-like-a-sieve kind.

Soon I'll have to scribble everything down in a grubby old notebook and wear a sign that has my address on it in case I get lost on the streets.

I fear the day I wake up and look into the mirror and see the reflection of a toothless Crypt Keeper and scream in horror upon realising that it's me - "But I was only 25 yesterday!!!". And then I'd have a video play back the highlights of my life like they did for Lucy back in 50 First Dates only I'm not kissing the man of my dreams but locked up in an institution.

Ok so I might be a little young to be considered for early onset Alzheimer's but still the amount I forget is frightening!

Gingko biloba! Pronto!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


D-Day is fast approaching and the days of freedom are quickly coming to an end.

I've sold my soul and bade farewell to my couch potato self.

That's right. I'm a grown up and I'm joining the troops in the real world.

Goodbye social life.

Hello office drone.

Au revoir liberté!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hocus Pocus

I L-O-V-E Witchery!

Classic lines, sophisticated and takes on the latest fashion trends without making you look like a total fashion douche .... what's not to love?

This season they have the cutest, girliest pieces ever!!

Lookie here!

How pretty are they? I wish they ship internationally for nothing!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Resolutions Recap

Having taken such a long break I've become a major couch potato, a fact my mother can attest to. I've watched countless movies and tv dramas (back to back episodes), read a million blogs and surfed for hundreds of hours to fill my lazy days.

I've taken the liberty to do a little stocktake of my life since it sounds a lot better than cleaning the floors or doing the laundry and maybe find out if I've achieved anything so far - I have a slight inkling that my 8 month old nephew has more to show than myself.

Firstly, let it be known that I am really not THAT lazy or that big a sloth ... ok with that disclaimer I think it's pretty clear now how well my 2007 resolutions really went.

1. Be Nice - Not so much the delicate oriental flower that I had hoped to be but I reckon I've done pretty alright. I haven't been throwing hissy fits or tantrums unless you count the time my internet connection was taken away from me.

2. Be A Literary Snob - wow I think I did really well here. While I could count all the books I've read last year on 1 hand and still have a couple of fingers left over, I can proudly say I can use up all of the fingers in one hand this time! *pats self on back*

3. Buy Less Trashy Mags - Seriously, I'm actually doing really well! Because of my non-existant income at this point in time, trashy mags have not been bought but shamelessly read at the bookstores. Talk about being economical! *high five!*

4. Be Brave - um ... due to lack of employment I can't say very much about this apart from the fact that I've yet to master interviews.

5. Be A Gym Junkie - omg FAIL! I've gone on reverse gear and become the biggest couch potato ever.

6. Save $$$ - ok, I suppose I'm doing pretty well considering I've had no income for the past couple of months I've been forced to save. Otherwise, I'm sure I'll be blowing all my cash on shoes.

7. Be a Domestic Goddess - emm no comment.

8. Be The Best Goddamn Aunty In The World - if my NephewChubbyCheeks can talk right now he'd tell you I'm the best ... muahahahaha

9. Be A Style Guru - pffttt ... why did I even put this on my list!? I'm fabulous either way!

10. Enjoy Life - I'm grateful for the people and the things that I have in my life. Life is good .... but someone hire me please?

I did ok didn't I?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Stressed Bunny

Sure. I get it.

Working in Asia is nothing like how they work in Australia.

Yes, I know. No overtime pay but plenty of overtime. Third world wages and next to nothing social security. Slave drivers are your bosses and back stabbers your peers.

I totally get it.

Can I take it? Sure, I can take it like your mother can.

I'm prepared for the onslaught. Just be gentle ok?

Thursday, August 02, 2007

I've Been Had!

I was played!

I thought by now I'd be making some serious moolah for fancy dresses and shoes. Company A cheated me out of all my girly indulgences!

How can you promise me a job and do a back flip at the last minute?!

Now I'm back to square one.

This will only happen to me *sob*

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Omitsu Koshi

I can wax lyrical about the japanese all day long - Hiro Nakamura "Yatta!! Herrooo, New York!!", Ken Watanabe, sashimi, vending machines, anime, harajuku girls ... but screw that, let's EAT!!

It's hard enough to find great Japanese restaurants and even harder to find a place to satisfy your sushi cravings for less dosh. Good thing we live near one.

This is my second visit to Omitsu Koshi and they've yet to disappoint with plenty of bento sets and a la carte items ... ahhh choices choices choices!

I chose my perennial favourites, California Rolls and Gyozas. The rolls were pretty good though they substituted the avocado for lettuce ... cheapos!

OCDMom ordered a Sashimi Zen set that came with a combination of salmon, tuna and yellowtail sashimi and a bowl of hot rice. And we had a Kaki Fry to share ... mmm deepfried goodness.

Dad ordered an Ebi Tempura set that looked pretty tasty though I thought they could've thrown in a couple more prawns.

California Roll : RM6
Gyoza : RM 9
Sashimi Zen set : RM 19
Kaki Fry : RM 25
Ebi Tempura set : RM 18

Omitsu Koshi
No 17 & 19, Jalan SS 22/23
Damansara Jaya
47400 Petaling Jaya

Ahhh ... satisfying. I could eat Japanese everyday.

Note: Photo quality is terrible when uploaded in blogger. I have no idea what is up!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Robots In Disguise

Ahh ... the sweet sweet lullaby of Optimus Prime transforming sooths the soul like cootchie coos and chocolate ice cream.

Nothing like non-stop big screen CG warfare for 2 hours to bring a smile on my face ... or The Boy's for that matter.

But why oh why oh why did they only have, I swear, 10 seconds of the Prime and Megatron showdown? And Prime got his arse kicked while Megatron had nary a superficial scratch on him! Did they run out of budget?! Did they run out of film reels?! We deserved MORE!

And now like a proper fangirl, I'm dedicating all my bandwidth to downloading every single Transformers episode.

"Autobots, roll out!"

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Mmm Blueberries

Blueberries were going for cheap + new oven = blueberry muffins!

While I do not profess to being a top chef, I can follow recipes. So I put on my apron and grab my trusty whisk.

mmm ... blueberry goodness

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Is The Floor Clean Clean Clean?

My mother is an obsessive compulsive cleaner. She is the vacuum wielding mistress of the house and will stop at nothing to suck the bejesus out of every nook and cranny in the house - if you're dust, you're dead to her.

While normal people would perhaps gape in shock and horror when they see a pint sized lady scrubbing floors like a cracked out hamster at 10pm, my family would shake our heads in mock annoyance and say "Oh look ... she's at it again".

Last night perhaps her OCD went on yet another overdrive, she dragged out the poor weary hoover and started filling up the dust bag at waitaminute ... *rubs eyes* 1 AM!!!

No it can't be! Who are you and where have you taken my mother?! Oh wait ... you ARE my mother.

Good thing we all sleep like logs.

Contrary to my mother's rationale, while we all appreciate having a floor clean enough to lick off, I'm sure sleeping through the night with a layer of idle dust will not result in all of us dying from asphyxia by dust.

Even after the late night vacuuming session didn't successfully end the cleaning hysteria.

My mother turned into a full blown sadistic dust destroyer, cruel and ruthless.

OCDMom: Suck it up, Private and let me see some elbow in that scrub!!
Me: Yes, Drill Sargeant! *whimper*
Me: YES, DRILL SARGEANT!! *scrubs floor vigorously*

Ok so there was a slight exaggeration ... I didn't call her drill sargeant.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

I Suck

At interviews that is.

How does one go from puffed up chest in power suit to a stuttering log of turd in 5 mins? I have such an innate knack for pulling that off.

How I got all my jobs has got to be by pure dumb luck OR they were desperate OR they thought 'special' kids deserve a chance in life too.

I think I might be unemployed for a while ...

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Net Withdrawal

My broadband decided to die on me for a couple of days.

Do they not know the repercussions of taking away what has become my sustenance?

Even people in rehab get weaned off their substances and have their twelve-step programs to work through recovery and sponsors to call when they feel like they're losing the plot.

I got no twelve-step program, no sympathy and a rather harrowing experience with Screwmyx's 'technical support' assistance.

I wanted to punch out the doors, chomp on computer cables, throw a chair out the window and stomp on little furry animals to ease the jitters and cold sweats.

Thank god for ice-cream and chocolates.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Protecting Myself

Am finding some rather geeky ways to protect the posts I don't want the world to see ... teehee

Decode it

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Can't seem to stay asleep these days - eyes wide open kind of sleeplessness.

While everyone drifts off to slumberland, my weary body stuck is with a head doing mental gymnastics.

Sometimes I think about my day - "I should have done that" or "Maybe I shouldn't have eaten that apple crumble" - to what I should do with my time tomorrow - finally finishing that book or having coffee with a friend.

And then I almost always find myself thinking about 1 or more of these 3 things:

1. Food
2. Death
3. Not-so-friendly monsters lurking under my bed

The top chef in me dreams about whipping up chocolate brownies in our new oven and cooking up a pasta storm. And then deluded enough to think that everyone will be falling all over themselves trying to get copies of my fabulous secret recipe.

And then sometimes I strangely think about mortality - mine and everyone else's. Maybe not so much the death part since death is pretty much a given the moment you are born. It's the how and when - shot by a crazed gunman while valiantly protecting an innocent or get my neck slashed by some random shard of glass ... yes, I'm morbid that way.

I also stupidly think about spectres and ghouls and souls with unfinished business at the most unsavoury of times. Why oh why do I do this to myself?! And it's usually at this point where my bladder starts overworking and I daren't make that journey to the bathroom for fear of meeting any unfriendly creatures of the night.

Then when I finally convince myself that I'm stupid and summon the courage to go, I silently remind myself not to respond if I hear my name being called or suddenly feel a tap on my shoulder or look in the mirror for fear of catching a reflection of some ... thing.

But remember, I am stupid ... and vain - so I look in the mirror. And there she was, a face white as sheet with hollow lifeless eyes, grey bloodless lips and hair in violent tangles.

So this is how insomniacs look like huh? I need sleep.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I Have An Owie

** Warning distressing pictures ahead. Scroll at your own risk**


Look what my super human reflexes got me into ...

uh-huh that's right

ow ow ow!

How on earth was I supposed to know that blurry blue thing falling from its holder was a shaver with unprotected blades?! Who puts unprotected shavers on shaky holders?!

Apparently my mother does ...

Now I have a real REASON not to wash up, clean the floors or cook .... oh the pain!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

No You Don't!

No, you do NOT get to tell us how we choose to spend our money or how we make our own personal choices.

No, you do NOT get to tell us that we could have been more prudent and it will be to our detriment when you assume that you know everything that goes on in our lives.

We have never asked you for anything and YOU HAVE. And yet you sit high up on your throne audaciously lecturing us about our choices and our lives when you have yet to set an example for the rest of us.

Do you think somehow by being our predecessor gives you the priviledge of superiority over us? And we should throw in our towels and submit to your demands and your rationale?

We know you love your power trips and your constant name dropping. Well, I for one will not "oohh" and "ahhh" over who you know or what they can do or even think "Wow! He is a really powerful man!".

I keep my cool in front of you because my parents taught me manners and I smile and nod at your never ending audacities because of the respect I have for my partner.

But do not treat us like silly children if you do not want us to treat you like an arrogant prick.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Idiot Box

I've become a full time couch potato and a web addict.

I need to get out more ...

let sleeping dogs lie

My New Look

Well, it's about time for a new blog facelift.

Here it is in all it's glory!

Friday, June 01, 2007

My Big Break

I guess being a lady of leisure isn't all it's cracked up to be.

My brains have turned into mush

Reflexes have delayed

My arse seems bigger

Depleting bank balance

I can't believe I'm saying this - I'm dying for a job *gasp*

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

In between

Suddenly I started to miss work. Well ... more like missing the money really. I could be a full-time bum if they paid me well enough.

Don't you just hate feeling guilty everytime you walk into a shop and buy a dress not knowing when your next paycheck is coming in? Or hold out on buying that pretty pair of shoes that's been calling your name everytime you walk by? Or ordering the cheapest thing on a menu?

Although bumming around has it's perks. Late nights and no early mornings. No need to brave the horrendous traffic or slave-driving bosses.

But I want shoes! Dresses! Holidays! Me wants lots of things!

*slaps self into reality*

Friday, May 04, 2007

Lazy Bones

Guess what I've been up to the last 4 weeks?

NOTHING! Wheee!!!

This bumming around thing seriously ROCKS! I wish I could do this a lot more often. Although living on your reserves and resisting going into shops and fancy-schmancy meals is not so fun.

I know I should continue looking for work ... but I've just decided to place all my eggs into one basket and hope to god that they think I'm a fantastic candidate and pay me gazillions to work there. I'm sure reality is not so sweet ... *purty please call me!*

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Starting Over

Ok I think I've left my blog alone long enough!

Lots has happened since the last post.

New nephew! Quit my job in Sydney! Moved back to Kuala Lumpur! Now a poor unemployed sistah ...

Have been thinking about doing this space up a little but have never had enough follow-through to finish it ... maybe this is a good time to do it.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year's Eve Shindig

Work - there's nothing more anti-climatic than this after all the buzz from Chrissie and New Year.

I think we all still need a couple more days to recover from the shock from realising that we are back into the daily grind for the next 11 1/2 months and then we do it all over again ... depressing but true.

Apart from doing a bit of ruminating on the past year, we trudged our arses down to Circular Quay on NYE to catch the 3 million dollar pyrotechnics on display at the harbour.

The Boy and I took the train down to the city and met up with The Boy's Brother, his Sweetie Pie & her Sis (and I shall refer to them as The Crew for lack of a better moniker) down at the wharf.

Next year, Circular Quay will be a no-no. The crowd was massive and not short of drunkards pushing their way through the already heaving wharf. There was barely any space to walk let alone breathe. The Crew had already been standing there for at least 4 hours by the time we got there ... egads!

the happy but tired couple

sharing some sister love

how long do we have to wait again?!

welcoming the new year with a kiss

The fireworks were a bit of a disappointment for us only because 3/4 of the time they were going off at The Rocks and The Opera House. We had full view of the Harbour Bridge but I reckon it was way too much work getting down there for 5 mins of fireworks on the bridge itself.

The trek back was a lot more bearable and we had some Bollywood Bhangra erupt nearby with lots of very EXCITED indians ushering the new year well ... Bollywood style.

Anyway, The Boy wasn't really a happy chappy that night having worked double shifts and was cranky as hell about the crowds and stressing over having to "get out of there" as quickly as possible ... lovely. At least he put on a happier face in his pictures but then promptly declared 2007 a write-off.

the not so happy chappy

Ok I'm exaggerating but you get the point. Anyway, The New Year Grouch got his beer and a ride home and plonked his sorry arse in bed and was knocked out until midday. A bit of alcohol and sleep and suddenly the bright and chirpy boy was back again.

Till next new year's eve!

Monday, January 01, 2007

The 2007 Saga Begins

Happy New Year everyone! May the coming year bring plenty of joy and good fortune.

Reflecting upon last year, there were some memorable highs and lows.

Some of the highs are flying back home for my brother's marriage and of course the impending birth of my nephew got me into some crazed shopping spree for baby clothes and accessories!

And then The Boy and I are 4 years into our blissful life together and aiming for the next 50 or until I find a younger, perkier toy boy .... just kidding, hunny!

Work has helped padded up my résumé and given me some confidence to take on some of the challenges thrown at me on a daily basis. I've come to realise that people believe in me more than I believe in myself.

One of the biggest lows of 2006 has got to be losing my grandfather so soon after my brother's marriage. Today would have been his 84th birthday. I will miss him always.

I could say my spirit took a turn for the worst after the whirlwind trip home and I became a little unreasonable and moody. I think I left that sunny disposition back in Malaysia.

Undoubtedly, every new year also means making resolutions and turning into a new leaf. As much as I KNOW by June every year, the resolutions I've made were either long forgotten or too far-fetched for THIS year I still make them every single new year.

My 2007 Resolutions:

1. Be Nice! - seeing that I've turned into quite a grouch lately, I'm resolving to be a delicate oriental flower (with 1 or 2 thorns ... for when I need some TLC) for most of the year and try not to be such a meanie to The Boy.

2. Be a Literary Snob - ok, what I should have really written is, try NOT to be a literary SLOB that I am today but I'm aiming high ok. I've been such a freaking lazy lump the past year that I've bought all these books really meaning to read them but they're lost under my giant pile of trashy magazines (more on this later). Maybe not so snobbish ... I still like the occasional chick lit.

3. Buy Less Trashy Mags - see this for reference

4. Be Brave - try not to be a complete stuttering nervous wreck everytime I'm given something new to do at work.

5. Be a Gym Junkie - losing weight is a perennial favourite when it comes to resolutions ... so I HAVE to have it on my list. But really, I had this last year and I think I gained 2kgs instead of losing the 5 that I said I would ... oh god I need to work on this.

6. Save $$$ - also another perennial favourite but at least this one is sort of underway since I've been making my own brekkie and lunch at work and trying to cook at home as much as possible.

7. Be a Domestic Goddess - in the kitchen I mean. I have an obligation to The Boy's tummy as well as Resolution #6.

8. Be The Best Goddamn Aunty In The World - my nephew, the first child of our next generation deserves the best and hello ... I AM the best muahahaha

9. Be A Style Guru - I don't know how I'm going to do this seeing that Resolution #6 takes precedence but I'm going to do it. I will be better dressed than Rachel Zoe by the end of the year ... well at least I hope I will be.

10. Enjoy Life - Last but not least, enjoying the year will be something I look forward to doing. Sydney is such a picturesque city and I'm never making the most out of it. This year will be the year to stop and smell the roses and take in the city.

Bring it on.