Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Is The Floor Clean Clean Clean?

My mother is an obsessive compulsive cleaner. She is the vacuum wielding mistress of the house and will stop at nothing to suck the bejesus out of every nook and cranny in the house - if you're dust, you're dead to her.

While normal people would perhaps gape in shock and horror when they see a pint sized lady scrubbing floors like a cracked out hamster at 10pm, my family would shake our heads in mock annoyance and say "Oh look ... she's at it again".

Last night perhaps her OCD went on yet another overdrive, she dragged out the poor weary hoover and started filling up the dust bag at waitaminute ... *rubs eyes* 1 AM!!!

No it can't be! Who are you and where have you taken my mother?! Oh wait ... you ARE my mother.

Good thing we all sleep like logs.

Contrary to my mother's rationale, while we all appreciate having a floor clean enough to lick off, I'm sure sleeping through the night with a layer of idle dust will not result in all of us dying from asphyxia by dust.

Even after the late night vacuuming session didn't successfully end the cleaning hysteria.

My mother turned into a full blown sadistic dust destroyer, cruel and ruthless.

OCDMom: Suck it up, Private and let me see some elbow in that scrub!!
Me: Yes, Drill Sargeant! *whimper*
Me: YES, DRILL SARGEANT!! *scrubs floor vigorously*

Ok so there was a slight exaggeration ... I didn't call her drill sargeant.

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