Thursday, September 28, 2006

4 Years

Reflecting upon the past year, we've certainly had our share of ups and downs.

Petty arguments, cold shoulders, tantrums, random outbursts, moodiness, hissy fits - from me.

But we've also had long meaningful conversations, kisses and cuddles, foot massages, compromising, comforting when things aren't going our way and celebration when things are.

Another year in our relationship and we understand more and more about the complexities of life and what being in a committed relationship is about. It's about honesty and respect. It's about being there for each other even when you don't feel like it. It's about putting in the effort to make it work.

Without you I am lost. Without you I am nothing.

Happy 4th Anniversary, sweetness ...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Where's the money tree?

I need to make some serious moolah!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Missing You

Originally written on 22nd September 2006 10.34pm

I miss you even more now that you're gone
My heart is heavy and my soul forlorn
Last time I saw you I didn't realise
I will never again see those charming warm eyes

I wish we never had to say goodbye

While I'm surrounded by a world of lies and frustrations
Your raucous laughter echoes in my head

I'm shattered
The thought of never hearing you call my name again
I'm heartbroken
So many will never have their hearts touched by your soul
I'm proud
For the many souls you've saved

I never realised how much you meant to me before you left

Now I know

I miss you so ...

You bring joy into my life

In the arms of my love

Cooking Monster

Originally written on 21st September 2006 2.23pm

Am in the mood for cooking!

Tuna pasta bake it is! Full of yummy cheesy goodness ... calcium mah :D

Hypothetically Speaking

Originally written on 19th September 2006 1.01pm

Hypothetical question for the day.

Would you tell your friend/family that their partner was cheating on them?

Would you be willing to put your relationship with the cheatee on the chopping block? Risk many years of friendship or kinship to get the truth out? Many of us would balk at the thought of being the person who breaks the news. The messenger more than likely always gets shot when love is on the line.

But could you bear the thought of knowing and not being able to doing anything? I know I would be racked with guilt at the thought of keeping someone in the dark about the “extra-curricular” activities of their partner.

And what if you told them and they didn’t believe you? That could spell the end of a relationship. Or what if you told them and they feel like you’re humiliating them?

And when is the right time to tell? Is there ever a right time for bad news?

The question would be – would you want someone to tell you if your partner is cheating on you? Would you believe them if they told you?

Shiny Happy People

Originally written on 19th September 2006 11.12pm

It's a beautiful day outside! I should be outside soaking in the sun and living it up!

Forget deadlines! Forget your brimming inbox!

On days like these, life should be about basking in the warmth of the sun while laying on the grass and getting lost in a book.

Oh how simple life would be ...

Working 9 to 5

Originally written on 18th September 2006 4.13pm

Another start of a working week. These days I've been struggling to keep ahead and it's a daily battle to keep focused. I can't help but think I need to reevaluate the direction my career is heading seriously.

I've been lucky. The people I have worked with have been nothing but amazing. The support and encouragement I've received has been pivotal in getting as far as I have. There's always something missing. Perhaps it's the waking up and feeling like you WANT to go to work? I'm not exactly hoping to bounce out of bed every morning and skip to work but I suppose if only I had a bit more enthusiasm it would be make a difference.

I guess it's all about an attitude change ... or a career change!

But what would I do? What CAN I do?

Unfortunately I'm not particularly talented at anything. If only I was born with an aptitude for something extremely rare then I would just KNOW what I'm going to do. But then when you have a gift, it also means your life depends on it. Then being a jack of all trades would mean I'd never be the best I can be at something because basically I'm mediocre at everything.

What to do? What to do??

Lazy weekend blogging

Originally written on 17th September 2006 5.42pm

It's on days like these that I wish that weekends were 3 days long and life doesn't revolve around work

It's on days like these that I wish we could return to a time when responsibility was a word adults used

It's on days like these that I wish we could while away the afternoons basking underneath the sun

It's on days like these that I wish tomorrow's reality is a long long long way away

enjoying the sun

Home is where the heart is

Originally written on 16th September 2006 5.55pm

The hands of time stops when I'm with you
Suddenly the clouds part and the sun is shining through
Butterfly flutters - be still my beating heart
If only we could forever spend our days never apart

I see the sun dancing in your eyes
The gentle breeze filled with our lazy sighs
Your loving hands softly tracing my face
Where am I? Where is this place?

You are where you should be ... you are home
And here you will never be alone

Time Travelling

Originally written on 15th September 2006 3.48pm

If you could go back in time, what would you tell yourself? - "Follow you heart not your head"

Against All Odds

Originally written on 14th September 2006 4.54pm

Do you ever feel like the odds are all stacked up against you? It's me against the world ... or God. Or no matter how hard you're trying, it feels a little bit like you're in your car and you're stuck in the mud and no matter how hard you step on the gas, you're not going anywhere but instead you're making a bigger mess.

Maybe the answer to getting out isn't stepping harder on the gas. Maybe I need to roll up my sleeves, get down and dirty and start shovelling.

If you had a choice to start over with a clean slate with everything that you know now, would you? ... I'm tempted to say Yes because why wouldn't you want to start over with everything that you know now? Why wouldn't you WANT to go back and fix everything in your life that you've done wrong? Why wouldn't you WANT to go back to get to know your loved ones better before they went so you won't feel as guilty as you do now because you took their presence for granted? Why wouldn't you WANT to go back and change every wrong answer you've ever written in your tests? Why wouldn't you WANT to go back rewrite your history?

But no, as much as having the opportunity to create the life I want now seems enticing I wouldn't want to do it. It would mean I may never meet the wonderful (and awful) people I know now and I may never fully appreciate the struggles of living life. Every mistake I made thus far is a testament to the person I am today. And that is (I hope) a person of integrity and a person who gives a damn and a person who tries and a person who has so much love to give and a person who finishes what she starts.

Not Satisfied

I have 4 blogs to my name - only one which I do maintain. Time to consolidate!!