Sunday, September 24, 2006

Missing You

Originally written on 22nd September 2006 10.34pm

I miss you even more now that you're gone
My heart is heavy and my soul forlorn
Last time I saw you I didn't realise
I will never again see those charming warm eyes

I wish we never had to say goodbye

While I'm surrounded by a world of lies and frustrations
Your raucous laughter echoes in my head

I'm shattered
The thought of never hearing you call my name again
I'm heartbroken
So many will never have their hearts touched by your soul
I'm proud
For the many souls you've saved

I never realised how much you meant to me before you left

Now I know

I miss you so ...

You bring joy into my life

In the arms of my love

1 comment:

martyr said...

i miss him tooooo..... :'(