Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hypothetically Speaking

Originally written on 19th September 2006 1.01pm

Hypothetical question for the day.

Would you tell your friend/family that their partner was cheating on them?

Would you be willing to put your relationship with the cheatee on the chopping block? Risk many years of friendship or kinship to get the truth out? Many of us would balk at the thought of being the person who breaks the news. The messenger more than likely always gets shot when love is on the line.

But could you bear the thought of knowing and not being able to doing anything? I know I would be racked with guilt at the thought of keeping someone in the dark about the “extra-curricular” activities of their partner.

And what if you told them and they didn’t believe you? That could spell the end of a relationship. Or what if you told them and they feel like you’re humiliating them?

And when is the right time to tell? Is there ever a right time for bad news?

The question would be – would you want someone to tell you if your partner is cheating on you? Would you believe them if they told you?

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