Saturday, September 01, 2007

What Did I Come In Here For?

At what point do you go "This isn't right. This has got to stop."?

At what point do you stop denying there is a problem and bury it behind a joke like you always do?

First a memory of a classmate you've never really gotten to know and then you dismiss it and tell yourself - "Wasn't a big part of my life. No big deal".

And then whole chunks start to disappear and you start making stuff up to fill the void.

I have a memory problem. Lately not just the forget-your-keys kind. The what-did-I-say-a-moment-ago? kind. The memory-like-a-sieve kind.

Soon I'll have to scribble everything down in a grubby old notebook and wear a sign that has my address on it in case I get lost on the streets.

I fear the day I wake up and look into the mirror and see the reflection of a toothless Crypt Keeper and scream in horror upon realising that it's me - "But I was only 25 yesterday!!!". And then I'd have a video play back the highlights of my life like they did for Lucy back in 50 First Dates only I'm not kissing the man of my dreams but locked up in an institution.

Ok so I might be a little young to be considered for early onset Alzheimer's but still the amount I forget is frightening!

Gingko biloba! Pronto!

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