Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Resolutions Recap

Having taken such a long break I've become a major couch potato, a fact my mother can attest to. I've watched countless movies and tv dramas (back to back episodes), read a million blogs and surfed for hundreds of hours to fill my lazy days.

I've taken the liberty to do a little stocktake of my life since it sounds a lot better than cleaning the floors or doing the laundry and maybe find out if I've achieved anything so far - I have a slight inkling that my 8 month old nephew has more to show than myself.

Firstly, let it be known that I am really not THAT lazy or that big a sloth ... ok with that disclaimer I think it's pretty clear now how well my 2007 resolutions really went.

1. Be Nice - Not so much the delicate oriental flower that I had hoped to be but I reckon I've done pretty alright. I haven't been throwing hissy fits or tantrums unless you count the time my internet connection was taken away from me.

2. Be A Literary Snob - wow I think I did really well here. While I could count all the books I've read last year on 1 hand and still have a couple of fingers left over, I can proudly say I can use up all of the fingers in one hand this time! *pats self on back*

3. Buy Less Trashy Mags - Seriously, I'm actually doing really well! Because of my non-existant income at this point in time, trashy mags have not been bought but shamelessly read at the bookstores. Talk about being economical! *high five!*

4. Be Brave - um ... due to lack of employment I can't say very much about this apart from the fact that I've yet to master interviews.

5. Be A Gym Junkie - omg FAIL! I've gone on reverse gear and become the biggest couch potato ever.

6. Save $$$ - ok, I suppose I'm doing pretty well considering I've had no income for the past couple of months I've been forced to save. Otherwise, I'm sure I'll be blowing all my cash on shoes.

7. Be a Domestic Goddess - emm no comment.

8. Be The Best Goddamn Aunty In The World - if my NephewChubbyCheeks can talk right now he'd tell you I'm the best ... muahahahaha

9. Be A Style Guru - pffttt ... why did I even put this on my list!? I'm fabulous either way!

10. Enjoy Life - I'm grateful for the people and the things that I have in my life. Life is good .... but someone hire me please?

I did ok didn't I?

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