Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Land Of The Rising Sun

Land of the rising sun ... damn straight!

Saturday was a freaking scorcher and I dragged The Boy to the Japan Festival at Darling Harbour after the driving debacle.


I don't know what was wrong with people but 10 mins under that intense heat was enough to send me running for cover under trees, electric poles and even people.

People were sprawled out on the grass at Tumbalong Park happily bumping up their chances of getting melanoma. I saw plenty of little girls decked out in their colourful yukatas - are their parents nuts?! At least the boys were in their right frame of mind and wore shorts and t-shirts.

lady, you must be melting

choi! this uncle must be REALLY hot!

Me - furiously fanning myself and The Boy with complimentary fan collected at one of the booths. Damn PANAS!

I would have enjoyed their performances a lot more if I didn't feel like I was being baked alive.

The Boy and I managed to catch some drum action and part of the opening ceremony before escaping from the 42 degree weather.

what's with men and their drums?

The food was a little disappointing. There was a GRAND TOTAL of 5 food stalls ... not so great when you have 2 very hot and very hungry people who love their food. Okonomiyaki, fish cakes & yakisoba we had.

Left the festival, hopped into the car, turned up the air-conditioning.

The Boy: So where do you want to go now?
Me : Anywhere! Anywhere! Anywhere there's air-con! Westfield la! *fan fan fan*
The Boy: Hahaha

Don't know why he thought that was funny but I was serious ...

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