Monday, December 11, 2006

Movie By Moonlight

So I decided to organise a mini surprise for The Boy and take him out for a movie under the stars.

After ordering the boy off to the gym, I whipped up some dinner in record time and frantically packed it all in the esky. Amazing I didn't forget anything. We had typical picnic food - salad, chicken wings, mashed potatoes, baked pasta & cold drinks.

Rolled up our beach towels and a trusty blanket and whisked The Boy off to Centennial Park for a date night ... every girl needs a date night with her man once in a while!

I reckon I pulled off the whole shindig surprisingly well. He didn't know where we were going or what we were doing until midway to the city when he made a few educated guesses.

We managed to pick a nice little cosy spot and hired a bean bed so that yours truly could watch in comfort =D

The verdict?

Miami Vice was so-so but the company was fantastic! Next date night is yours, hon!

happiness under the stars

Belvedere Amphitheatre @ Centennial Park

i was too cheap to buy these premium seats ...

the boy posing for an obligatory pic

yours truly enjoying her bean bed

tucking in

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