Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Santa Didn't Leave Me Any Presents

Christmas was spent stuffing our faces and soaking in the sun in our yard with family and friends.

Armed with thongs in one hand and a beer in another, The Boy cooked up a storm on the barbie.

The weather was pretty bleak in the morning so we shelved our plans to head to the beach. Had a nice long sleep in the morning before we we amped up the energy and fired up the barbie while people started filing in for the food and grog.

Whiled away Chrissie afternoon with food, drinks, card games, more food, karaoke (as asians do), more food and the baking in the sun.

All in all, it was noice!

Now I'm hit with a little Christmas blues. The thought of going back to work tomorrow makes me wish I took some time off so the festivities can continue. Ah well ... maybe next year.

chrissie barbeque in our yard

Big Man & Barbie

mucking around

I AM not!

Merry Christmas from us!!

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