Friday, November 03, 2006

I'll Be Home Tonight

I miss home.

Many things can trigger homesickness for people at certain times. For me - it was a song this time.

Ever heard a tune play and suddenly you're 8 again and sitting next to the stereo bopping your head with not a care in the world and singing to Kylie's "I Should Be So Lucky" with your crumpled lyric sheet in hand?

Or you're 20 and suddenly aware you don't have your parents eyeing your every move anymore and you're driving along with your friends singing "No Such Thing" and know that we have our whole lives ahead of us?

Or you hear Tony Bennett crooning away "The Way You Look Tonight" and you're reminded again of the reason you fell in love with the person you call your everything.

This time it was a song I know not the name or words but the melody takes me back home.

The place where you grew up always retains a certain charm that takes you back again and again.
I miss the familiar smells in the morning of freshly brewed kopi susu and I miss the taste of fresh kopitiam toast generously spread with kaya and topped with a cold slab of butter all dipped in perfectly cooked soft-boiled eggs with soy sauce and pepper.

I miss the mornings in bed and hearing granny put on the kettle and make her cup of cereal and knowing that dawn is not too far away now and it's a brand new day again.

I miss the familiar faces and my mother calling the dog in mock anger and then catch her cooing scruffy when he's being his usual lovely self.

Home - when will I see you again?

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