Friday, November 24, 2006

The One About The Train

*WARNING* Weak stomaches keep away. Hazard ahead.

I had a pretty crappy morning today ... literally.

As my train pulled into the station today I was scanning the seats from the platform as usual and thought - hey lots of seats today! No need to fight for a seat!

Stepped into the train to grab a seat and lo and behold - someone freaking SHAT all over the seats!

Chunks of HUMAN waste littered on the seats and floor. Some smeared artistically across those VERY AVAILABLE seats like peanut butter on toast.

And what is that big wet trail on the carriage floor??

I suppose Number 1 does come before Number 2 ...


Oh my lord ... the ~SMELL~ permeated practically the entire carriage.

Here I was thinking I have to run home and have a shower and some brave and quite obviously mental souls were taking seats so close to the brown mess.

How on earth do you take a dump on the train?!

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